In the year of Opening Island, Longhu Financial Island rises rapidly

2023-03-08 18:39:43 来源:郑州之窗

In March, Zhengdong New Area Longhu is rippling and birds in groups, and the Financial Island against the lake river is shining. In the beautiful and touching scenery, the citizens come to take pictures and punch the clock and enjoy leisure and entertainment in an endless stream.

As the core part of the construction of Zhengzhou Science and Technology City in Central Plains Region and the finishing touch of the "Ruyi" urban form of Zhengdong New Area, Longhu Financial Island ushered in the first anniversary of "opening the island" on March 4. Over the past year, Longhu Financial Island has used "acceleration" to work together for projects, bring together industries, and collect popularity. It has risen to the Central Plains Science and Technology City with a "new business card". In the practice process of driving Chinese modernization, Zhengzhou has walked steadily to show a brand-new appearance.

Photo by Ma Jian

Longhu Financial Island, hailed as the "Henan Lujiazui", is the main bearing zone of the construction of the international financial center of eastern Zhengzhou New Area. As the area is featured as the best ecology, the highest value, and the optimum public services in Zhengzhou, Longhu Financial Island implements a unified development and construction innovation model, and is centered around the demands of the financial industry development to develop and build the standardized financial property and committed to injecting constant financial impetus to building a Central Plains Science and Technology City.

Since opening the island, the infrastructure of an array of software and hardware facilities of Longhu Financial Island and Zhengzhou Yintai Shopping Center has been accelerating. The first opening area is intended to be trail operation in early April. After the full completion of this year, it is promised to become the new highlights for Zhengzhou to build unique international consumer centers cities.

Photo by Ma Jian

Soon after, the "Everbright Bank Cup" 2023 Zhengzhou Longhu Half Marathon will be held on April 9 on Longhu Financial Island. This standard certification competition of China Athletics Association A1-Category has now attracted 10,000 people to sign up. The scientific and technology-innovative elements provided by the Central Plains Science and Technology City will empower the digital of the event. Relying on the AI brain platform of the Digital City of Longhu Financial Island, it will build a safety command center for the events covering the island, helping to transform and upgrade the safety management of the event. It is expected that when the spring blossoms in April, the eyes of the whole country will focus once more. More people will punch the clock in Longhu Lake Financial Island, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, and witness the new rise of the city of Ruyi.

(Reporter Tan Yanfeng Correspondent Zhang Wenju)